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Frequent Questions

Frequent questions - Pic Protection

Have questions? See below a list of questions and answers where perhaps the answer to your question is here. In case you cannot find, please contact our service team. Maybe your question can be added here helping us clarifying to other customers and even improve our service.

1- Understand how to add / register your images.

After login, you will be on your ADM environment, totally safe.

Click "ADD PHOTOS" and select the desired type of service:


Fill out all the required fields for your better protection and evidence;

Click the "Escolher arquivo" button to add your images;

Chosing your image click "Enviar-Send" and your image will be registered on the site.

Beside the image chosen click "ADICIONAR MAIS FOTOS / ADD MORE PICTURES" if you want to add more photos. Repeat the selection process;

Click the "FOTOS CADASTRADAS" button to find your registered images;

Click the "Gerar Protocolo" button. An email will be automatically sent to your registered e-mail account and a protocol number will be generated;

If you have registered more folders, click the "Generate / Create Protocol" to the desired folder and repeat the process.

Clicking "Download Fotos Protegidas" will be automatically created a folder with your registration name in Download on your device.

2-Understand how it works in detail the purchase of credits on the site

It's simple, but first you must be registered in Making your login, you´ll enter into its administrative environment, fully insured. In this environment you already find the icons PIC10, PIC20 to 50 to purchase credits. Each value corresponds to an amount of image that can be stored. By clicking to the desired value, you will be directed to the PagSeguro Web site where you´ll release the payment of your chosen credit. After making the payment and after approved from PagSeguro, your credits will be automatically released and reported in SEUS CREDITOS field (top right of the page). If you want to buy more credit, that will be summed to your existing credits.

3-How do I open an account?

On any top of the site you can click on the "Create Account" button and a new registration window will open to fill. Remember to complete all required fields to validate your registration. These information will be used on your your storage information among others information.

4-What does the field "find protocol" means?

This is the only field where people can have the access to your service information used by typing the protocol number on your identification in each storing images registered. This field is the proof that your goods are secured by Do not worry, the information in this field are just common information as your name, phone and mail contacts, date, time, location and name of the service or business that you are using. No image will be showed! Only you have this access.

5- Can I see the goods of someone else uploaded on the site?

No, I can. No one has access to this information except itself through its exclusive login and password. Other people only have access to the information mentioned in the question above.

6-What does the "ADM" beside the logo PIC during the access of the site means?

Means that you are coming into your admin area, secure environment, where only you have access.

7- How can I access or change my registered data?

Sign in and inside its administrative area click "Account Pic" to account settings. Make the necessary changes and click "Save". The message "Your registration was completed with success!" indicates the end of the action. Click one of the three buttons at the top of the page to continue its activities.

8- How do I know that my credits were summed and added to the existed credits?

You will be informed via email that your credits have been updated. Also the number indicated at the top right indicates the total of the credits till the current date.

9- If my credit ends during a storage?

You could storing the amount of value available only. Always check your balance of credits in advance.

10- If I register a picture by mistake, can I remove it and add another in its place?

No, after you click register, you will not be able to replace a picture. But do not worry; only you have access to these photos. You can make a new storage with the correct photos and creating a new protocol.

11- How many pictures can I select at a time?

You can add only one picture at a time.

12- Can I add more pictures after generated the protocol?

No. After you clicking Generate Protocol, for your safety, the information will be frozen and a protocol number is generated. If you need to add more pictures, new protocols may be generated indicating the same event.

13- Can request a second certificate store?

The User may contact through the link "contact" mentioning "Requirement of existing storage information" in the subject reporting the event name, date and time or the protocol number of the archived data. For this operation may be discounted User's credits in accordance with Terms of Use.