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About Us

Pic protection

Pic Protection is a committed company on security and integrity of the patrimonies and material goods of our customers against actions such as damage, theft, stolen and lost caused by people or service companies.

We are living in a World where the concept of reducing time and cost has been the key-word on global economy. When a company reduces cost of operations, we have a big impact on quality services offered. Employees lost their commitment on job and automatically reduce the careful with our goods.

At this time we offer our service of protection proofing that, on that date and time, photos and images of material goods and patrimonies were registered at the and the register can used as proof and virtual witness at any necessary action.

This is the goal of Pic Protection! Ensure that goods and patrimonies will be treated in a responsible and safe way, as it should always have been treated and also educating employees to have greater commitment in their work respecting goods of the others.