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Protection of objects, goods, patrimony Protection on airport Protection on delivery of the companies Protection on public Protection on travel Protection on valet parking


Meet the Pic Protection and enjoy your moments with tranquility. The protection that you need

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Pic Protection

A Company specializing at evidence preservation collecting proofs through photos and images of the goods and patrimonies registered in a confidential environment avoiding actions such as damage, theft, stolen and lost caused by people or service companies. Usually occur during trips after check-in where baggage can be easily opened or damaged; when something disappear inside our vehicle in a valet parking; when we are involved in a fraud having no way to prove the truth or even to prove some particular or public case.Pic Protection is protection for your patrimony and material goods focused on your own defense through photo and image of the goods and patrimonies registered and storage information protocolled voucher sent to customer email. By attaching the voucher control number on goods that you want to protect, help in a fast identification and show that your goods has been protected and images can be used such as proof at any occurrence.


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Pic Protection. A new way to make people care for and respect your goods more! Meet Pic Protection and enjoy all of your moments with tranquility.

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